TRU+ Program

Advocating for a tobacco-free future shouldn’t stop just because you have graduated high school. That’s why we created the TRU+ program to help you stay connected to TRU and our mission.

Who Should Join the TRU+?

 All former TRU members who remain committed to creating a tobacco-free future for Pennsylvania, as well as all young adult advocates ages 18-21 years old, are invited to join TRU Plus! Complete the sign-up form below to become a TRU+ member today!

Teamwork makes the dream work! That’s why we’ve expanded TRU+ to include TRU+ groups. Register a TRU+ group using this form. For questions about joining, please contact the TRU Coordinator.

What’s Involved?

  • Access to resources to help you plan tobacco-free initiatives and activities of your own
  • Opportunities to mentor current TRU members on being a great advocate and making your voice heard among lawmakers & the community
  • Learn about the latest legislation and policy updates on tobacco prevention & cessation
  • Receive the quarterly TRU+ newsletter to stay up-to-date on TRU, our advocacy issues, and ways to support our tobacco-free mission
  • Continue your important role as an advocate working to keep Pennsylvania youth tobacco-free!

TRU+ Resources

Tobacco-Free Activities Toolkit

As a TRU+ member, you understand how important tobacco-free events are to reaching our goal of creating a tobacco-free generation. Just like TRU Storms, you can plan an event around one of the many tobacco-free holidays or anytime that is convenient for you. Check out this toolkit for activity ideas to get you started!

E-Cigarettes and JUULs Infographic

Don’t let others be FUULed by JUUL, or other e-cigarettes. Spread the truth about these tobacco products by sharing this flyer. View the E-cigarette and JUUL infographic.

Teen Cessation Programs

Help spread the word about programs and services specifically designed to help teens and adults quit tobacco products of all kinds.

View the Teen Cessation Programs one-pager.

Tobacco 21 Flyer

Help spread the word about the new federal legal age to buy tobacco products. You must now be 21 to purchase tobacco. Post this flyer around your campus and in your community to help educate others about the new law.

View the Tobacco 21 poster.

Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit

Smoke- and tobacco-free colleges & universities are gaining popularity across the U.S. This toolkit will guide you through the process of turning your college or university smokefree using a comprehensive tobacco-free policy.

Check out the toolkit to learn more.

Plus, find additional information here.

Tobacco-Related Training Courses

Tobacco Basics

A free 1-hour online course offered by the American Lung Association, which consists of 5 learning modules. From this course, you will learn about the toll of tobacco use in the U.S., the difference between various tobacco products, the health effects of tobacco use and nicotine dependence, and much more!

Learn more about Tobacco Basics

Taking Down Tobacco

A collection of free, online courses provided by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids designed to give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to fight tobacco use in your community.

Learn more about Taking Down Tobacco

Smokefree Policies in Multi-Unit Housing: Steps for Success

Free online curriculum provided by the American Lung Association to teach you how to implement a smokefree policy in multi-unit housing properties, such as apartments and condominiums. Implementing these smokefree policies helps to protect residents from the serious health threats of secondhand smoke exposure.

Learn more about Smokefree Policies in Multi-Unit Housing: Steps for Success

Advocacy Basics

A free, 45 minute interactive online learning program offered by the American Lung Association. From this course, you will learn about about lung health advocacy, the difference between advocacy and lobbying, how state and federal bill processes work and how to advocate and speak with legislators. 

Learn more at Advocacy Basics.

Join TRU+

Complete the form below to join TRU+ and begin receiving our quarterly newsletter. To register a TRU+ group, consisting of members ages 18-21, please complete this registration form.