The Great American Spit Out
Through with Chew

Virtual TRU Storms



Create An Anti-Chew Ad

Help educate your family & friends about the dangers of smokeless tobacco by creating an anti-chew ad. Whether you create a video (like a commercial) or a photo (like a magazine ad), be sure to show the dangers of smokeless tobacco. Consider highlighting the harmful health effects of smokeless tobacco or the other reasons you choose not to use these tobacco products. Once your ad is finished, post it to social media and tag TRU using @TRUinPA or #TRUinPA. You can also use the hashtags #ThroughWithChew and #GreatAmericanSpitOut.

Need some inspiration? Check out these anti-nicotine ads that one of our very own TRU members created!


It’s The … For Me

We’re adding our own spin on the popular TikTok trend. Instead of roasting a best friend or sibling, let’s roast smokeless tobacco! There are lots of reasons why smokeless tobacco should be avoided. Pick your top reasons and share them in a video on TikTok or any other social media platform. For example, you can say “it’s the yellow teeth & mouth cancer for me.” Be sure to tag TRU using @TRUinPA or #TRUinPA. You can also use the hashtags #ItsTheForMe #ForMeChallenge #ThroughWithChew and #GreatAmericanSpitOut.


Rube Goldberg Machine

Show you support all youth being Through With Chew by making your very own Rube Goldberg machine! A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption that uses a chain reaction to carry out a simple task — think of the game Mousetrap. The task for your machine should be to trash smokeless tobacco. To get started, make a fake smokeless tobacco product (like a can of chewing tobacco) and gather supplies to make your machine (like a trash can, a ball, toy cars, books and balloons). Then build your machine so that the last step in the chain reaction is your fake tobacco product being thrown in the trash. Record your machine in action and share to social media. Remember to tag TRU using @TRUinPA or #TRUinPA. You can also use the hashtags #ThroughWithChew and #GreatAmericanSpitOut.


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