Tobacco-Free, Stay-At-Home “Quarantivities”


COVID-19 is a lung disease caused by a novel coronavirus first detected in late 2019. COVID-19 and its symptoms can range from mild to severe. Anyone can get COVID-19, but some individuals are more at risk for severe disease than others. There is currently no specific treatment other than supportive care available. The majority of people recover from COVID-19 within a few weeks, but it can be life-threatening. There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.” – American Lung Association

TRU cares about all of our members and advisors and wishes everyone well during these difficult times. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, TRU is encouraging virtual activities among TRU groups to continue tobacco prevention education, but to also add a little fun into our lives while we all stay at home and practice social distancing! (Don’t forget to wash your hands!) For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, or the CDC for more guidance and updates.

In the meantime, don’t forget to:

  • Social distance – 6 ft. distance between people not in your household¬†
  • Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face
  • Wear a mask! (TRU has MASKS available! Click here to email for more information.)


To stay busy and educated during this time, please enjoy our Tobacco-Free “Quarantivities“! Listed below are some ideas you can do with your TRU groups remotely:


NEW Stay-At-Home Activities


Looking for more things to do at home? Click on the options below for a chance to win TRU gear!


  • Design your own TRU logo by downloading the worksheet and coloring in the logo. Get creative! Share pictures with your logo on social media and share why YOU joined and love being a part of TRU! Be sure to use the hashtag #TRUinPA and tag us @TRUinPA.
  • Complete the TRU Wordsearch¬†activity. Create a virtual competition with your friends and see who can complete the wordsearch faster! Take a picture of your completed wordsearch and share it with us on social media @TRUinPA.
  • Play TRU Bingo by downloading and completing the bingo card! Complete the entire bingo card? E-mail to win some TRU swag!