Molly Pisciottano

Molly Pisciottano is a Health Promotions Specialist with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania and her primary role consists of managing the youth tobacco prevention program known as the Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU). Molly received her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management from Point Park University. She presently oversees TRU recruitment/member engagement, while providing necessary trainings to TRU Advisors as well as youth advocacy trainings for TRU Youth. In addition, she assists with the organization of TRU Storms/Events, keeps up to date on TRU social media and the TRU website, and works on other tobacco control initiatives such as Tobacco 21, smoke-free housing and smoke-free college campuses.


Niki Knopsnyder

Niki Knopsnyder is the Pennsylvania Advocacy Specialist with the American Lung Association and the Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco (PACT). Currently, Niki handles the administration and management of various PACT projects including: PACT membership engagement/recruitment, PACT notes, Advocacy Trainings, Master Settlement Agreement funding sustainability efforts, Tobacco Control Point of Sale initiatives, PACT/TRU integration, and other special initiatives.