Take a look back at our first ever VIRTUAL Day at the Capitol! 


Lung health has never been more important during these times. Take a look back at our first ever virtual advocacy event to see how TRU members showed legislators why tobacco prevention funding is so essential to our programs (like TRU) especially during this e-cigarette epidemic. Check out more by clicking below.

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Let’s end the e-cigarette epidemic among youth.
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and vaping and educate others by clicking below.

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24% of high school teens in PA use e-cigarettes. [1]


89% of cigarette smokers first tried smoking by age 18.  [1]

244,000 kids in PA under age 18 will die prematurely if smoking rates don’t change. [2]

Teens joined TRU in the fight against tobacco in 2019-2020!



[1] Census V2016 estimate; CDC YRBSS 2016; CDC 2014; CDC 2012


[2] Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. The Toll of Tobacco in Pennsylvania. 


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February 2020: Through with Chew Week

Through with Chew Week is a national, week-long tobacco-free event, dedicated to promoting stopping the use of smokeless tobacco. Host another fun TRU event during this week to educate teens not to chew!

February 20, 2020: Great American Spit Out

The Great American Spit Out is a tobacco-free holiday to help spread awareness about the dangers of using smokeless tobacco like chew, and helping others quit. Celebrate this holiday with your TRU members to help them educate others about the dangers of these products!

March 2020: Kick Butts Day

Kick Butts Day is the tobacco-free holiday where teens can get together across the U.S. and stand up against tobacco! Many teens participate in kick ball tournaments or even “Blow Bubbles, Not Smoke” events, so get your TRU groups involved in these great activities!

May 5th, 2020: Day at the Capitol

Hundreds of TRU members from across Pennsylvania rally together with adult lung health advocates at the State Capitol in Harrisburg to speak with their lawmakers about current tobacco control issues, such as Tobacco 21. They also get to participate in fun...

May 31, 2020: World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is a global tobacco-free holiday to get people to stop the use of tobacco on this day around the world. Spread the word with your TRU groups at a baseball game or other exciting location to start off with a safe, smoke-free summer!

November 15, 2019: Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smokeout is a national tobacco-free holiday to help current smokers quit. Fun tobacco-free activities can be planned with your TRU group around this day, such as a scavenger hunt, Escape Room activity, and much more!