Ok, so right now you are a target for the tobacco industry. They are looking for life long customers… You can change your future. Join us. We want every teen in Pennsylvania to be part of the TRU-th about tobacco.  Hey - there's strength in numbers!


Want to become a leader in your community? "Taking Down Tobacco 101" online training is now offered by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and provides strategies for you and your friends to help fight against Big Tobacco.

Click here to take this training and be a part of the first tobacco-free generation!

When you’re finished, take a selfie and post it to #BeATruLeader

Secondhand smoke is a known cause of lung cancer, heart disease, asthma, and below average birth weights.
The use of snuff can lead to oral cancer, gum disease, and nicotine addiction and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack.